Division of Social Engineering and Environmental Management

Division of Social Engineering and Environmental Management

In order to sustain progressive economic activities and living standards in urban and rural areas, it is necessary to promote the effective use of resources and energy, the creation of affluent amenity and the conservation of natural environment. The division offers instructions and research programs in the methodology and technology of spatial design, infrastructure provision and environmental management, which enables us to achieve a sustainable development between human society and nature in urban and rural areas.

  • Department of Urban Environment Development

  • The environment which surrounds us consists of various areas of human society and nature, and provides a base for human activities. In order to create a attractive and wealthy environment in cities and other areas of living, it is necessary to examine the present condition of the environment and to improve its quality over the long term.
    Education and research subjects of the department are focusing on a development of technology of disaster prevention and reduction, conservation of infrastructure based on civil engineering.

  • Department of Rural Environment Management

  • An ideal rural environment can only be accomplished through harmony among human activities, resource supplies, and natural environmental capacities. Complex and complicated interaction between the natural environment and human activities must be maintained by incorporating "functionality" and "sustainability" into the basic philosophy. Therefore, the following educational and research activities are performed: 1) Analyses of the mechanisms of the natural environment, including soil, water and plants, using holistic approaches that encompass functional relationships in a regional environment. 2) Planning of a regional space where a land conservation function is expected. 3) Establishment of a model and technology for sustainable resource use and circulation of water, biomass, and land resources toward creating a rich regional environment.

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