Division of Biological and Human Environment

Division of Biological and Human Environment

The environmental issues, greenhouse effect, deforestation, extinct of natural species, although that are diverse and complicated, human being must solve most urgently. The solution of the environmental problems is based on the reduction of the burden to the environment based on the understanding of the ecology. Sustainable biological production system should be created on the socio-economical and engineering viewpoints that suit the biology and ecology.

In this division, the research on model of recycling society will be suggested based on the biological viewpoints. The integrated discipline of bio-science, agriculture, biostatistics, and medical science will be studied to enrich our biological environment and create our safety life in food and health while biological hierarchy including human beings should be preserved.

  • Department of Environmental Ecology

  • Environmental problems have been caused in the complex relations between humans’ activities and natural environments, from local to global scale. The objective of this department is to resolve these environmental problems from the aspect of environmental ecology. The department aims to develop research and education, which focus on the symbiosis between human beings and natural environments, and the establishment of sustainable recycling-based society. For the symbiosis, we research into the interrelations between organisms and environments, and the structure, dynamics, and functions of ecosystems. In additions, we evaluate biodiversity, and propose conservation regimes. For the establishment of a sustainable recycling-based society, we study the utilization and management of specific resources to regions and reconstruction of sustainable biological production systems.

  • Department of Human Ecology

  • The Department of Human Ecology conducts education and research on various problems that directly impact human health and existence, both theoretically and practically, and current members include specialists in the fields of health, medical and mathematical sciences.