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Online Sakura Science Program for University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka and National Taiwan University

March 23, 2022

On March 7-8, the Graduate School of Environmental and Life Science at Okayama University held "Online Exchange Program between Okayama University, University of Ruhuna, and National Taiwan University ‒ Research Experiences in the field of Environmental Management " receiving JST Sakura Science Plan grant. 7 professors and 15 students from Okayama University, 2 professors and 8 students from University of Ruhuna, and 4 professors and 4 students from National Taiwan University participated in the event.

On the first day, following opening remarks by Executive Director for Academic Affairs FUNAHASHI Hiroaki, 6 videos were shown to introduce research and educational activities in the Graduate School of Environmental and Life Science. The videos were newly made for this online event. Then, Prof. Mori, Prof. Chamila, and Prof. Yu from their respective universities gave their invited talks, followed by fruitful discussions for our future collaboration.

On the second day, a student presentation session was organized. In total, 14 students gave their research presentations from the three universities. Through this event, Sri Lankan and Taiwanese students learned about research works and modern technologies. The event also helped to raise awareness of the research content and level of the department's research. Students from Okayama University had good chances to know environmental problems in other regions, and to rethink their research themes by receiving unexpected questions from the Sri Lankan and Taiwanese sides. At the end of the research presentations, the implementation of joint research was also discussed.

In conclusion, some education and research activities were showcased to Sri Lankan and Taiwanese students, and three universities had nice and deep discussions regarding collaboration. the Graduate School of Environmental and Life Science will promote exchange programs for faculty members and students between three regions in the future.

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Graduate School of Environmental and Life Science
Professor MAEDA Morihiro