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Department of Plant Science

All life on the earth is dependent on the energy fixation of solar power through photosynthesis by plants. Sustainable, reliable, and safe food production and a high quality supply is essential for our lives in the 21st century. In addition, the exploitation of Bio-energy has become a pressing concern. Innovative technology based on a deep understanding of plant physiology, ecology, and genetics and their diseases will lead to overcoming the challenges facing our food supply. Based on plant science, we study and direct advanced technology for breeding, disease control, propagation, cultivation and postharvest handling in agricultural and ornamental crops.

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  • Genetic Engineering

  • 【Academic staff】
    Prof. ICHINOSE Yuki
    Prof. YAMAMOTO Mikihiro
    Assoc. Prof. MATSUI Hidenori

    【keyword】Analyses of pathogenicity and virulence factors in plant pathogenic bacteria and their application to plant disease resistance /
    Analyses of pathogenicity factors in plant pathogenic fungi and their mode of actions in plants /
    Analyses of plant immune regulators and their application to plant breeding for disease resistance

  • Plant Genome Dynamics Analysis

  • 【Academic staff】
    Assoc. Prof. MONDEN Yuki

    【keyword】Plant Breeding and Genetics

  • Plant Pathology

  • 【Academic staff】
    Prof. TOYODA Kazuhiro
    Assoc. Prof. NOUTOSHI Yoshiteru

    【keyword】Molecular biology of parasitism and immunity in plant-microbe interactions / Plant disease resistance mechanism and immune-priming chemicals

  • Plant Genetics and Breeding

  • 【Academic staff】
    Prof. KATO Kenji
    Assoc. Prof. NISHIDA Hidetaka

    【keyword】Molecular genetic studies on diversity and agronomical traits of crop genetic resources / Molecular genetic study on heading-related traits in wheat and barley

  • Postharvest and Crop Application

  • 【Academic staff】
    Assoc. Prof. AKAGI Takashi

    【keyword】Plant Physiology, Evolutionary genetics, Bioinformatics

  • Postharvest Physiology

  • 【Academic staff】
    Prof. KUBO Yasutaka
    Assoc. Prof. USHIJIMA Koichiro

    【keyword】Postharvest Physiology, Plant Physiology / Biochemical and Molecular Analysis of Fruit Ripening and its Application / Molecular Physiology, Plant Genetics /
    Self-incompatibility of Plant and its Application

  • Plant Production Science

  • 【Academic staff】
    Prof. SAITOH Kuniyuki
    Asst. Prof. NAKASHIMA Yoshitaka

    【keyword】Crop Science, Crop eco-physiology / Analysis of eco-physiological characteristics of crop varieties for high-yield and high-quality / Weed Science

  • Pomology

  • 【Academic staff】
    Assoc. Prof. HIRANO Ken
    Assoc. Prof. FUKUDA Fumio
    Asst. Prof. KAWAI Takashi

    【keyword】Physiological analysis of fruit scent and seedlessness / Analysis of mechanism for physiological disorders in deciduous fruit trees

  • Vegetable Crop Science

  • 【Academic staff】
    Prof. YOSHIDA Yuichi
    Prof. YASUBA Kenichirou

    【keyword】Vegetable crop science / Environmental and nutritional control of reproductive and vegetative development of strawberries and tomatoes

  • Control of Flowering

  • 【Academic staff】
    Prof. GOTO Tanjuro
    Assoc. Prof. KITAMURA Yoshikuni

    【keyword】Floriculture / Investigation of nutrient absorption properties and growth control under root zone restriction of ornamental plants

  • Crop Science

  • 【Academic staff】
    Prof. HIRAI Yoshihiko
    Asst. Prof. TOMITA Asami

    【keyword】Improvement of crop productivity and quality under environmental stress / Breeding study for tolerance to abiotic stress and root morphological trait in rice