Department of Animal Science

Human society is related to animals in diverse ways; animals are used not only for food production but also for experimentation in medical and pharmaceutical research, which serves as the basis for healthcare, medicine and pharmacy. Animals also function as means of psychological therapy and serve as companion creatures. Such utilization and application of animals to human activities involves numerous problems that cannot be resolved without applied research and technological development, which are based on fundamental research. With this fact in mind, the Department of Animal Science carries out fundamental research to clarify various functions (heredity, reproduction, physiology, immunity, nutrition and ecology) relating to vital phenomena at the levels of animal cell, individual and group. The Department also works on applied research to find solutions for various problems relating to animal production, human health and medicine, to apply such solutions in technological development, and even to address challenges in the biotechnology-based production, management and logistics of livestock food products. Through these research activities, the Department seeks to develop human resources who are equipped with highly specialized knowledge based on comprehensive perspectives, and who have problem-solving and R&D capabilities.

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  • Reproductive Physiology

  • 【Academic staff】
    Prof. KIMURA Koji
    Assoc. Prof. YAMAMOTO Yuki

    【keyword】Reproductive Physiology / Establishment of pregnancy in farm animals / Reproductive Physiology, Reproductive Endocrinology / Physiological studies on the regulatory mechanism of reproductive function in mammals

  • Animal Development and Reproductive Biotechnology

  • 【Academic staff】
    Prof. FUNAHASHI Hiroaki
    Assoc. Prof. WAKAI Takuya

    【keyword】Animal Gamete Biotechnology / Basic and applied research on mammalian gametes (maturation, fertilization and early development) /
    Basic and applied research on organelles in mammalian oocytes and embryos

  • Animal Physiology

  • 【Academic staff】
    Prof. SAITOU Noboru
    Prof. ANDO Motonori
    Assoc. Prof. HATABU Toshimitsu

    【keyword】Study on the mechanism of homeostatic function and reproduction of birds / Studies on structure-function relationship of the mammalian stria vascularis, and of the avian tegmentum vasculosum, in the cochlear duct /
    Pathophysiological and immunological studies on host-pathogen relationships in domestic animals and fowls

  • Animal Breeding and Genetics

  • 【Academic staff】
    Assoc. Prof. IBI Takayuki

    【keyword】Animal Breeding and Genetics / Investigating invisible genetic events using statistical and molecular genetics analysis

  • Applied Animal Genetics

  • 【Academic staff】
    Assoc. Prof. TSUJI Takehito

    【keyword】Animal Genetics, Laboratory Animal Science / Molecular genetic analysis of animal models for human diseases (skeletal disorders and female infertility)

  • Animal Nutrition and Feed Science

  • 【Academic staff】
    Prof. NISHINO Naoki
    Assoc. Prof. TSURUTA Takeshi

    【keyword】Animal Nutrition, Applied Microbiology / Microbial ecology associated with feed preservation and animal health / Research on the underlying mechanism of disease preventive effects exerted by food bacteria and dietary fiber

  • Animal Applied Microbiology

  • 【Academic staff】
    Prof. MORITA Hidetoshi
    Assoc. Prof. ARAKAWA Kensuke

    【keyword】Food Function, Microbial Genomics / Studies on human microbiome and comparative genomics of bacteria / Dairy Chemistry, Food Microbiology / Processing and quality control of animal food products using lactic acid bacteria

  • Assisted Reproductive Medicine

  • 【Academic staff】
    Assoc. Prof. OTSUKI Junko
    Asst. Prof. TASAKI Hidetaka

    【keyword】Basic and applied research on assisted reproductive technologies / Research on assisted reproductive technologies and development of teaching material for clinical embryologists