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Online Journal of Environmental Science for Sustainable Society (abbreviated as JESSS) serves an international forum for natural and social scientists, engineers, academicians and medical doctors to share important research findings and methodological breakthroughs of world-widely spreading environmental and life issues for establishing sustainable society in future. The fields covered include whole area of environmental and life science, which is interdisciplinary of natural, social and medical sciences, and engineering with an emphasis on research and development leading to practical problem-solution for our future.

The scope of the journal includes research works on urban and rural environmental management and development, environmental ecology, human ecology, waste management and its treatment, material and energy science and technology,
agricultural science, and life science necessary not only for the establishment but also for the sustainable development of our future.

The journal publishes original and review articles on the areas mentioned above and their related fields. Especially the journal aims to open up new findings and knowledge in this interdisciplinary field, which may be excluded from existing professional fields, by established researchers and also young and new comers, who are willing to be pioneers of the sustainable society.


ONLINE ISSN: 1881-5073



Editorial Board

Tanjuro GOTO (Plant Science)

Associate Editors
Seiji HASHIMOTO (Urban Environment Development)

Takayuki SHUKU (Rural Environment Management)

Katsutoshi OHNAKA (Environmental Ecology)

Atsushi SEKIMOTO (Human Ecology)

Shinichi YAMAZAKI (Material and Energy Science)

Tadayoshi KANAO (Biofunctional Chemistry)

Yoji KAWANO (Plant Stress Science)

Takashi AKAGI (Plant Science)

Kensuke ARAKAWA (Animal Science)

Managing Editor
Yasuhiro MATSUI (Sustainable Society Studies)

Submission of an article to gJournal of Environmental Science for Sustainable Societyh implies that it presents the original and unpublished work, and not under consideration for publication elsewhere. On acceptance of a manuscript submitted, the copyright thereof is transferred to the publisher by the written Transfer of Copyright Agreement.