Study on Japanese farmer’s management and Agricultural corporative

April 13, 2021


  • Assoc. Prof. OHNAKA Katsutoshi


Study on Japanese farmer’s management and Agricultural corporative

Generally speaking, Japanese famers’ scale are smaller than other countries. But, Japanese farmers’ scale are expanding now. Some rice farmers have more than 100ha paddy field, and some vegetable farmers have more than 100ha dry field. These farmers are mostly expanding by lease.

And, these expansion of farm size, farmers’ management need to change. For example, some farmer need to employ worker, some farmer are forced to change selling agriculture products. In addition, one farm corporative had changed to a stock corporation.
We aim to focus on changing agricultural management in Japan.

Study on Japanese agriculture policy and rural policy, EU, USA, Asia country’s trade policy

Why do Japanese farmers change? How do Japanese farmers change? And, who promotes to change Japanese agriculture management?

The key to solving these questions are “policy”. After WW2, Japanese government hoped to change Japanese agriculture structure. It promoted to be established large scale farmers. Imperfectly, Japanese agriculture structure is changing now. Near the future, many Japanese old farmers will be retired. Therefore, Japanese government supports large scale farmers for accumulating these old farmers’ farmland by agriculture policy.

Moreover, agriculture policy is effected by trade negotiation.

We are comparing and analyzing other countries’ policy.


  • Assoc. Prof. OHNAKA Katsutoshi

  • Farm Management Systems and Information Processing, Okayama University