Study on plant systematics and conservation

April 13, 2021


  • Asst. Prof. YAMASHITA Jun


Study on plant systematics and conservation

I have advanced taxonomical reevaluation based on morphology and molecular phylogeny on family Dioscoreaceae, Cyperaceae, etc. For conserving local populations of endangered plant species, I am investigating their fluctuation, and studying on hybridization and genetic disturbance of the species (e.g., Rumex nepalensis subsp. andreaeanus). For ex-situ conservation, preserving frozen seeds from the local populations of endangered plants was started.

Genetic Resources of Wild Plants

A herbarium is available for studies on weekdays. About 80,000 specimens of 6,000 wild plant species from Japan and other countries have been preserved under APG system. They include various weeds from the world, naturalized plants in Japan, endangered species, plants of Ryukyu, and so on. About 30,000 seed specimens are also available.
ca. 17,000 frozen seed accessions of 3,500 species from wild populations are also available only for scientific studies. Those are not guaranteed for survival rate. Exchanging MTA is needed before using frozen seeds. Please contact me to access the genetic resources and herbarium.


  • Asst. Prof. Dr. YAMASHITA Jun

  • Plant Diversity and Evolution, Okayama University

  • E-mail:junyama@(