Message from the Dean

 The Graduate School of Environmental and Life Science was established in April 2012 when the Graduate School of Environmental Science, a graduate school integrated with social, natural and medical sciences, which became independent from the Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology in April 2005, rejoined with the Division of Agricultural and Life Science of the Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology, which was established in April 1986 as a comprehensive graduate school of the natural sciences.

 This Graduate School is an academic place for education and research aimed to solve comprehensively and cross-cuttingly about 'the environment and foods' which is the urgent issue of human society facing today's explosive population increase. In order to achieve this purpose, not only the faculty members in the Faculties of Environmental Science & Technology and Agriculture, or the Institute of Plant Science & Resources, but also the medical faculty members, belong to this organization. This Graduate School consists of a wide range of specialized fields, including totally ten departments (Departments of Urban Environment development, Rural Environment Management, Environmental Ecology, Human Ecology, Sound Material-Cycle Science, Material & Energy Science, Biofunctional Chemistry, Plant Stress Science, Plant Science, and Animal Science) in two major divisions (Divisions of Environmental Science, and Agricultural & Life Science). Among those fields, we are actively carrying out specific education and research on (1) basic nature, social or life phenomena including material energy conversion and the applications, (2) creation of infrastructures and living environment, and (3) continuous maintenance of the balance of supply and demand of food taking environmental load into account, etc. Through this characteristic education and research, we are nurturing leaders who have multi-lens perspectives and a high level of professional skills to realize (a) the development of a comfortable recycling-oriented society by harmonizing the living environment with the natural environment and (b) a sustainable food production necessary as the foundation of human existence. In this Graduate School, the professional education and research related to the former (a) is mainly directed by the Division of Environmental Science, and the latter (b) is handled by the Division of Agricultural & Life Science. Through interdisciplinary educations and the research projects not only in this graduate school but also in collaboration with other graduate schools, we are also working on the training of interdisciplinary professional abilities.

 The issues of "environment and foods" have been piled up not only in Japan, but also in other countries, especially in Asia and Africa countries. As a member of the Okayama University aiming to become a university creating the intelligence through education, research and contribution to societies as a leading university in the world, this Graduate School aims to train "GLOCAL" (Think globally, act locally) professionals with an international perspective, through our practical education and research in in close collaboration with local communities and countries around the world. We are also making efforts to accept international students, dispatch Japanese students to overseas fields, and encourage presentations at international conferences. We will continue to develop and develop attractive research projects and educational programs in which many students from home and abroad countries can devote with our faculty members, and contribute to regional and international societies as Academia that shines in the color of Environmental and Life science.

 I sincerely hope that as many students as possible will jump into the field beyond our "Global Gate for Learning" to experience the pleasures of finding out the bright power to notice, learn and solve themselves to various problems, and consequently that they will be active in the local and international communities with the power.

Dean of Graduate School of Environmental and Life Science